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CONVENIENT. According to the statistics 27 % of Russian people are occupied with Internet business. In the USA this number reaches 67%. Working from home with flexible schedule is a great possibility, first of all, for young mothers, students, retired and for others who need income. Working in such conditions does not require hourly presence. Each moment can work according to a personal plan, devoting as much time to work as you want to earn. Work of advertising manger having real property at the finish, does not require monthly procurement or sales, which is certanly mor convenient and troublesome.
PROFITABLE. Each partner decides for himself if it is his main or additional income. Depending on your personal plans, you can devote as much time to this business as you wish. Fulfilling compulsory initial conditions, you can further build a team, be occupied with training and counselling of new partners. Quickly built and trained to run business structure will give quick and high results.
PROFESSIONALLY. Joining the business each partner has neessary instruments: professional website, with all information neccessary for work with twenty-four-hour access, convenient back office, automatic systems of money transfer in the back office. There are also regular presentations held by the leaders, and conferences where you can get an answer for all questions appeared during work. You can sign up for the webinar on the You tube Channel. You can also find Technical support on the website. Schools of Internet Business are also available.
INTERESTING -promotions. To stimulate good results we have interesting promotions and bonuses for partners who actively develop their structures.
1. THE MAIN EVENT of the first semester will be the Big meeting - the seminar of successful leaders with representatives of real property agencies in Turkey. Each partner who fulfills the condition and closes finishing circle will receive an invitation card which includes expenses for accommodation, flight, entertainment program and seminar program. Mangers of top Turkish real property agencies will be invited to the seminar.