Frequently Asked Questions



  • How to become a participant of a system?
  • Can I change my personal information after the registration?
  • How to verify the E-mail?
  • How to install of to change your details?
  • What types of payment are available?
  • How much time does it take to activate the account?
  • If there is a need to confirm the payment or to confirm the receiving?
  • Where can I see the referral link?
  • Can I buy several places in one account?
  • How do "the ticks" work?
  • How to work with the structure?
  • Are there any "overtakings"?
  • What is the sponsor link within my account?
  • Who is the sponsor of my reinvestments?
  • What to do if my guest got in the wrong place?
  • Какие документы подтверждают мое членство в кооперативе и право собственности моей доли в строящемся объекте и гарантии получения прибыли от моей купленной доли в будущем ?

To become a participant, you just need to pass a simple registration form on our website, by clicking on your referral link. We draw your attention to the fact that the data indicated during registration must be reliable.

You can make any changes in your back office , except for changing your login and your sponsor.

To verify the e-mail, you need to specify a valid e-mail in the profile section and get an activation link. After you do this, your e-mail will be verified.

First of all, you need to get a payment password. You can do this in the details section. After that, you will be able to add / change the details. It is possible to receive a payment password only on a verified mail.

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You can activate at any time after registering. Your registration will be valid all the time. But we strongly recommend you not to put off the activation, otherwise you will lose your payments from the overflows of the general distribution of participants in the structure.

In the project, all transfers between participants are fully automated and do not require confirmation from their recipient. A transaction is considered successful upon confirmation by its network.

The referral link is located in the profile section of your back office. It becomes available to you, only after you activate the account and get a place in the program.

Yes. You can buy several places in one back office. Your first bought place will be the main one and will become a sponsor for all your following purchases. With its help, you can manage the arrangement of your structure with " ticks". It is quite convenient in the work, all the purchased places can be seen in one office.

You can manage your structure with "ticks". If you want to put your partner in a certain place, then you should use this system. If you buy a few places in your account, then you should definitely fall back upon this function. Inviting new partners, or opening their new places, they will become under you at the indicated "tick" place. If you do not put a tick, the places are filled in the order from the left to the right from top to bottom with the algorithm "follow the sponsor".

You can invite your friends and partners by using the referral link and promotional materials in your back office. All your invited are your referrals and they will follow you during the whole project. If your partner closes the matrix, he follows you to the next matrix, provided that your place is already in this matrix.

Yes. If your invitee has closed the matrix before you, then there will be an overtaking and it will get into the matrix of your sponsor.

Your first bought place is your sponsor's referral. All the following purchased places inside your account are referrals of your first place and will follow your first place according to the given algorithm "behind the sponsor".

The new obtained places according to marketing (reinvestment) are the referrals of your first place. They follow your first place according to the established algorithm "behind the sponsor", which is your first place. For all programs, you can use one account and manage the arrangement, as well as purchased additional seats and reinvestments with "ticks". All the reinvested and additional places work as separate entity and receive the same reward for marketing, as well as your first places.

The automatic program for the specified algorithm of the system deals with the arrangement of the places in the matrix. If your guest got in the wrong place, wherever you would like, then you made a logical mistake or forgot to put a "tick". Be careful! Our technical support DOES NOT accept questions about moving the places in the matrix, and also have the right not to explain the reasons. All such requests will be collected for internal situation analysis and system improvement in future updates.

Приняв участие в накопительной программе "Наш дом" вы получаете на свою электронную почту инструкцию, выписку из устава кооператива и бланки для заполнения , которые необходимо подписать и выслать вместе с копиями ваших документов в адрес кооператива. После оплаты вступительных взносов и пая вы получаете на домашний почтовый адрес заверенный печатью договор на владение паем, и договор от управляющей компании с членом кооператива на получение прибыли от эксплуатации вашей доли площади в процентном отношении к общей прибыли эксплуатируемой площади. После окончания строительства получаете юридический документ собственника на пожизненное владение доли площади в отеле.


How can I use my referral link?
Referral link for each participant is generated individually and gives you the opportunity to attract people exactly in your structure. You can post it in social networks, blogs, thematic forums and attach to emails in E-mail newsletters. This will ensure you a constant flow of new participants into your structure, which means that your income will grow.
How long will it take to wait for the confirmation of the transaction in the network?
If the transfers take place in the network of bitcoins and take time, in order to the transaction to be accepted by the network and to be confirmed. Taking into account the special aspects of the network, waiting for confirmation can take several hours. The status of your transaction can be seen in the details of the application.
How many people can I invite to the system?
You can invite as many new members as you want, if they occupy vacant seats in your structure.
How much can I earn?
The income for the full cycle is: 90350 $. Taking into account the re-investments and repeated closings, you will be able to receive passive income for an infinite number of times
What to do if you forget the password?
Use the password recovery function.
The questions are left
You can ask a question on the feedback page or in your personal account in the section "Technical support"