about the system

How does this work?

The beneficial marketing

The purpose of this marketing is to allow any partner with little financial opportunities to buy the accommodation in an elite place, suitable for resting, renting, and for living all the time.

This is not just the saving, but there is a constant income at every stage. You have the opportunity to fulfill certain conditions to make a trip to Turkey for a seminar. To make a contract for the selection of the accommodation with invited spokespersons of the real estate agencies, get a full consultation of professionals and choose the right option for real estate. An important task of marketing is that there are no losses of the invested funds by the participants. Such a compromise has been found in our marketing. If the partner has fulfilled at least the first step, he will return everything that he invested at the beginning and then he will have only earnings. Various accelerating mechanisms work


How does it work?

  • STEP 1

    START. After the registration, you need to pay your place on the site. Choose from a convenient e-payment systems for you. The amount must be on the purse + percent transfer of the system. The
    The site should receive $ 100
    Invite 3 partners for $ 100
    When the third partner has been activated in the program, you get $ 100 in the wallet
    You can order a payment or use to activate a new partner.
    You move on to the next circle.

  • STEP 2

    ACCUMULATIVE. You are first in the top
    Your 3 partners become under you in the second row. The
    The third row is filled from left to right by partners of your partners.
    When filling the first place, $ 50 is retained for the maintenance of the project and in the purse for each new partner in the 3rd row from the 1st to the 8th place you are charged at $ 25, and for closing the 9th place - $ 50
    Total in this circle you've earned $ 250

  • STEP 3

    PREMIUM. Like in the previous round, you occupy the first top position.
    Under you are 3 partners of your structure, who closed before your second round. Overtaking takes place here.
    Your job is to help the stragglers. For this purpose a voucher * is provided to activate new partners. It can be cashed, only through the activation of new seats in the first round. This voucher is for $ 300 you get when the third row begins to fill up and the first partner gets in the bottom row. Thanks to these vouchers, the system is constantly fueled by new partners, which gives rapid progression.
    You get $ 100 on your wallet, you can withdraw them.
    When it is full from the 2nd to the 9th place for each partner, you get $ 200 for the purse for withdrawal.
    Total for this circle you have 200 $ x8 = 1600 $ + 100 $ = 1700 $ and a voucher of $ 300.
    TOTAL $ 2000

  • STEP 4

    FINISH, The matter of the KNOW-HOW of our project is that partners from any structure get into the finish circle, which first closed the previous circle. There is a mixing of structures, which gives the effect of significant acceleration, removing the problem of slowing the passage of final matrixes.
    In addition, as well as in the bonus circle, when the first partner will take the first place in the lower four, you get a voucher number 2 at $ 300, and you have the right to choose:
    1. activate 3 new partners in the project, or -
    2. invest a charitable contribution in an international kraufunding site with the right to receive donations up to 3.5 million euros.
    You will be credited to the purse for $ 10,000 for each filled place in the lower four. They can be displayed in stages.
    At the request of the partner, it will be recommended to buy a share in the accumulative fund and in the process of earning the next amount - to increase theoriginal amount.
    You get the login of the reinvestment in the previous premium circle. And again earn.
    You are also awarded with a ticket of the participant of the First Leaders' Seminar with the participation of spokespersons of the real estate agencies in Turkey and other countries.
    Total earned in this round is $ 40000 + $ 300 voucher + $ 1500 $ login reinvest, PLUS ticket with flight to the Seminar in Turkey.
    At the seminar or online you can make a contract for the selection of appropriate real estate with any agency. If you have such an agreement, you will have the opportunity to phase out the calculated earnings in the bonus circle.
    In total your login of the reinvests will work for a repeat of 2 circles (premium and finish) 47,400 $ + 2 x 300 = 600 $ with vouchers.

    You can earn in the project 90350 $.

    voucher * - voucher expiration period 3 months

The basic program is designed to make your participation in the Main Program more accessible. The program consists of two seven-seat and nondividing matrixes. They have the names "Start 1" and "Start 2". The cost of participation in the program is $ 11. In order to participate you need to replenish your balance for $ 11 and activate the place in the program "Basic". After that you can recommend our program to your friends and partners.

As soon as the first partner is in the bottom row, you will receive $ 11 for the balance that you can withdraw. Thus, you completely return your costs for participation in the project. Once the matrix is completely filled with partners, you will be taken to the next matrix " Basic 2". Matrix " Basic 2" works on the same principle. Your partners who closed the "Start 1" follow you and fill in the empty seats in "Starter 2". As soon as the third partner is in the bottom row of your matrix, you will get an additional place (reinvest) in the first matrix (basicl 1), which will be filled and bring you profit, like your first place.

As soon as the matrix "Basic 2" is completely closed by your invited partners, you will get a transition to the main program and the opportunity to become the owner of a new resort property on the turquoise coast of Turkey or any other country in the world wherever you want! Everything is pretty simple and, what is the most important, possible!

It is important to note that when you close the matrix "Basic 2" you have already had a place in the main program, then you get to the balance of $ 100, which will immediately become available to withdraw. And then all your reinvestments and additional places will always receive $ 100 when you close the "Basic" program. You can do this an infinite number of times!